When life gets hard and the things you can’t live without break, we can FIXIT!

All of our repairs come with a 60 Day Warranty, because peace of mind is a good thing.

Will you buy my Cellphone, Tablet or Computer?

Yes we will, you can get an instant quote here or you can call the store for more details and we can make you an offer.

Can you fix my

Yes, we can. Weather you have a 10 year old PC or a brand new laptop, from broken screens to new power supply, we can FIXIT!

Do you sell Cellphones, Tablets or Computer?

Yes we do. Our inventory constantly changes as these used devices move fast, please call us to see what we have available.

Our Mission

Lowest Prices, Fastest Service, Best Quality!

The cellphone and tablet repair industry is filled with choices, and most of them are bad. You can wait all day at the mall, wait even longer if you use your carrier/insurance, pay a high deductible, get robbed from the mobile repair guy… not good! The smartest choice is to bring it to us, why? Because we know what you want; You want it fixed fast (30 min or less on most repairs) you don’t want to overpay (compare our prices to all of our competitors) and you want it fixed right the first time with the best quality parts (see our google reviews) That’s why you come to FIXIT.

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Serving S. Florida since 2012

All of our repairs come with a 60 DAY WARRANTY, because peace of mind is a good thing.

We’ve been serving S. Florida since 2012 and we wish to continue for as long as we can. You never need and appointment and you rarely to need to wait. We stock all the parts for the most common devices on the market, if your device is listed under our repair services, then we’ll have the part.

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