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We opened our doors in 2012 when the world was realizing the possibilities of a 4G LTE network. Devices such as the iPhone 5 and Samsung S3 allowed consumers to have a cell phone that could perform like a computer, navigate like a GPS, and sound like a stereo in the palm of their hand. People everywhere couldn’t wait to get their hands on one and because it was so popular and functional, it changed our lives forever.

Within the past five, we’ve fixed thousands of these devices so people can continue living this new lifestyle without any interruption. Our roots, like many technical repair stores, started in computer repair. Before the smartphone exploded laptops were everywhere and before laptops, every house had a desktop and we were fixing them then and we still fix them now. Now, the smartphone and handheld tablets dominate the market but our motto has never changed, we fix the things you can’t live without.

As a small business, we value our relationship with our neighbors and community. We live locally and take pride in offering a service to our friends and customers because in our eyes they are the same.

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