iPhone Repair Shop in Hollywood

  My iPhone 6s screen cracked and I needed to find the nearest iPhone repair shop in Hollywood.  T-Mobile store attendant recommended me to Fixit Phone Repair at 4622 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood. I never heard of this repair shop but my iPhone was not working so I had to go. I didn’t call ahead and ask if I needed an appointment or if they had the part in stock.  The store was really nice as far as iPhone repair shops go. It turned out I didn’t need an appointment and the part was in stock. The repair would take about a half hour to complete.  This iPhone repair shop fixes all types of phones and computers. The location is between I-95 and State Rd 7 on Hollywood Blvd.

Local iPhone Repair shop with outstanding quality and service

  After twenty minutes my iPhone 6s was done!  The iPhone screen they used was almost as good as the original, I couldn’t tell the difference.  It would have been a disaster if I had to go to the Apple genius bar.  There are a lot of iPhone repair shops around and this one is really good.  The price was very reasonable and there were accessories.  I was able to get at case and tempered glass from this iPhone repair shop in Hollywood I told all my friends about this place.  Most of them have iPhone so this would be a great iPhone repair shop for them.  The last time I broke my phone was a year ago.  I was on vacation in Arizona and the iPhone repair shop that I went to was no good.  They told me I needed to wait six hours for it to be ready.  The shop only did iPhone repairs and the service was real bad.  It cost a lot more than the Fixit Phone repair in Hollywood, Florida.  If you need a good iPhone repair shop, try them.