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IPhone 6 Battery Replacement

Need a iPhone X battery replacement?

The iPhone X battery replacement can be a great way to extend the life of your phone.  The original battery that comes with the iPhone X can last almost three years and 1000 total charge cycles under normal use.  The iPhone X and every other cellphone use batteries that are composed of lithium which have a limited life.  The battery will gradually lose capacity to hold a charge and this aging process is irreversible.

The secret to getting the most out of the phone battery is using the device every day, fully discharging then charging the device fully.  The charge cycles of a battery measure how many times the phone was plugged in to a charger.  This doesn’t distinguish between a fully charged cycle, going from 0 to 100% or a quick charge of 10-15%.

If you do a full charge cycle compared to a short one the battery will last longer between charges.  For lithium-ion batteries this is especially true as these batteries suffer from a kind of memory effect. This happens when rechargeable batteries are not fully discharged between charge cycles; as a result the battery “remembers” the shortened cycle and is thus reduces its capacity.

Can I do the iPhone X battery replacement by myself?

To replace a battery like the iPhone X, the phone needs to be opened using proprietary tools.  Removing the old battery can be dangerous, if you accidentally puncture the battery it will overheat and likely catch on fire.  You should not attempt to remove the battery on your own.  Using the services of a trained repair shop like, Fixit Phone Repair in Hollywood FL is recommended.

If you leave the iPhone X uncharged on for more than five months it will likely cause the battery to default and become unable to hold a charge.  You should have the battery checked and if the charge status is compromised you will need to have it replaced. Do you have an iPhone 6 that won’t turn on? Or a battery that doesn’t last the whole day? It could be that your battery life has come to an end.

How to repair an iPhone X battery replacement, and how much will it cost?

Ever since Apple announced that you could pay $69 to have your older-model iPhone X battery replacement, customers have complained about longer-than-promised wait times, up to 6 weeks if you mail it in.

A faster option is to visit your local cellphone repair shop at Fixit Phone Repair Hollywood for a quick and easy iPhone battery replacement. It’s cost $30-$55 for iPhone battery replacement depend if the iPhone battery replacement alone or combo with screen repair. We have high-quality parts and the most knowledgeable technicians in the industry. Come visit us to get your iPhone functioning as good as new. Same day repair for your iPhone X replacement, Book a iPhone X battery replacement Service Today!


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