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Our services include smartphone, tablet and computer repair along with used devices and accessories for sale. Most of our repairs can be performed within 30 minutes and you never need an appointment.

We carry most of the common replacement parts for the most common devices but sometimes we need to use outside vendors so we can complete the repair.  If we need to order the part we do so the same day, and we check our local vendors for availability before we need to have it shipped to us.  This could add additional time, anywhere from a day to a week.  Most of the time the customer can keep their device until the part arrives.

Most of our repairs come with a Limited Lifetime warranty against defective parts.  Usually we can detect a defect in the part as soon as we test it but there is always the possibility that a defect is not detected until the device is being used regularly.  When we have to order a part from certain outside vendors our warranty will match theirs, which could only be 30 days or less, if this is the case we will advise the customer before we accept the repair and request a deposit.

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